• Measurements with the isothermal fluid model plant succesfully finished.
  • Verfication of a CFD-planning tool successfully finished.
  • Operation of TESS 2 B with different material (e.g. Sand) ongoing.
  • Successful commissioning and operation of TESS 2 C, which has already almost all technical features of the large scale storage modules.

You can find some publications under the following download links::

  • Published paper about the economical comparison between different CSP- concepts and energy storage concepts. This paper has been published at the Solarpaces-conference in September 2014 in Bejing.
  • Published paper showing measurement results and packed bed behaviour on the basis of measurements with the TESS-plants. The paper has been published in September 2014 in Bejing.
  • Poster at the Solapaces-conference in Las Vegas in September 2013.
  • Solarpaces paper which was published during the Solarpaces conference.
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