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STORASOL GmbH was founded at the beginning 2013 as joint venture of the investment holding companies of two German entrepreneurial families (RatioGentis GmbH and SenCom Beteiligungs- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH).

STORASOL GmbH has the aim to realize and further develop as a technology company, plant manufacturer and EPC contractor, high temperature-energy storage systems (HTTES), on the basis of the HTTES-technology (High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage = HTTES) developed by enolcon gmbh. In this regard, there is an exclusive license agreement between enolcon gmbh und STORASOL GmbH in place, that gives STORASOL the worldwide and exclusive right to use and offer the enolcon-HTTES-technology.

This Energy-Storage-System provides a convenient and economical way to store high-temperature heat in an optimal way for a variety of applications. Areas of application are solar thermal power plants (CSP), the use of waste heat from industrial waste heat or integration into adiabatic CAES (compressed adiabatic air storage). The use in thermal energy storage (ETES = Electrical Thermal Energy Storage) is another important application.

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Next generation highly efficient solar thermal power plants

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Optimization of energy efficiency of industrial processes

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Thermal Battery for storing surplus energy

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