OPTES® stands for Optimized Pumped Thermal Energy Storage – Battery and combines the advantages of low investment costs with very good power-to-power efficiency. In 2020 the OPTES® Battery was presented for the first time at the IRES (International Renewable Energy Storage Conference). The publication on this can now be read under

The managing directors of STORASOL are invited to talk at the IRES (International Renewable Energy Storage) conference in March 2020 and will speak about our latest HTTES power storage system.

1) On March 16, 2016, as part of the world's largest energy storage conference in Düsseldorf (IRES - International Renewable Energy Storage), STORASOL had the first operating experience in operating the STORASOL high-temperature energy storage system HTTES with the ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) as part of a much-noticed presentation presented. You can find the presentation slides here

Series of measurements with the flow test stand successfully completed. Verification of the CFD planning basis successfully completed. TESS 2 B is operated with different materials (e.g. sand).