The world needs to switch to renewable energy and drastically reduce the CO2-emissions to counteract the negative effects of climate change. The production of renewable energy strongly depends on the availability of the sun and wind. Decoupling energy production from consumption by storage is crucial for a wide-spread global expansion of renewable energies.

Industrial waste heat at a high temperature-level is valuable energy that can be used before it is released into the atmosphere or expensively cooled down. Furthermore, no additional fossil fuels are required to use the waste heat.

The market potential for High Thermal Temperature Energy Storage in the various applications of electricity storage will be at least 500 GWh(th) by 2040, based on various studies and scenarios (e.g. the International Energy Agency iea)) .

The waste heat was calculated for Germany alone at about 260,000 GWh per year. The global potential has not yet been reliably determined.


STORASOL's mission is to provide a green, efficient and economical energy storage for renewable energy and industry for the transition to a global, sustainable energy system.

STORASOL's HTTES technology, which is now available on the market, is based on a cost-effective and scalable modular thermal energy storage system.