Technology Description

The STORASOL High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage (HTTES) has the following characteristics:

Wide range of
Fit for future

Among the key features of the high-temperature thermal energy storage technology is the use of sand, gravel, rock or stones in a fixed bed as a heat storage medium and ambient air, flue gas or other gases as a heat transfer medium. The main advantages are:

  • Air/gases as a heat transfer medium can be moved very easily in large quantities.
  • The innovative division of the heat storage medium/material on multiple layers/walls allows high thermal outputs with very low pressure losses.
  • The storage material is held by a novel lamellar structure which allows unhindered flow through the material.
  • The fine grain of the storage material allows a very compact design due to the large surface area available for the heat transfer.
  • The modular design allows easy scaling. The basic standard size has the dimensions of a standard maritime container.
  • Very low maintenance costs, as well as low operational power consumption, distinguish the HTTES technology from other storage systems.
Hochtemperatur-Wärmespeicher Funktionsweise

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The method and several design items have been published worldwide and patented (also see international file number PCT / EP2011 / 063453 and international publication WO2012 / 017041 A2). Patents have been issued in several countries (USA, Japan, South Africa, etc.).

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