Vortrag über Hochtemperatur-Wärmespeicher

For lower power classes, the OPTES battery has been further developed into the OPTES-GT. The OPTES-GT Battery is based on an open Brayton Cycle.

Economic comparison of OPTES storage and Li-Ion storage


STORASOL presented the following study as part of the StoreEnergy trade fair. In a current and a future scenario, an economic comparison of the combination PV & OPTES ® battery versus PV & Li-ion battery is presented. The results show both for the current and

VHTTES – Very High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage

Very High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage - VHTTES

The basic engineering has just been completed for the VHTTES (Very High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage) shown in the figure. The storage systems are to be used in a solar power plant and in a thermal battery for storing electricity. The two storage tanks shown are flowed through with 1000 °C hot air and have a usable storage capacity of 10 MWh each.

Material tests with iron silicate (1.8-2.4 mm)

Materialversuch mit Eisensilikat

Iron silicate with a grain size of 1.8-2.4 mm was tested as a new storage medium in our TESS 3A test storage facility. The first measurement results show very successful tests with an approx. 15-20% higher energy density compared to silica sand.

Presentation at IRES March 2020

IRES - International Renewable Energy Storage Conference

The managing directors of STORASOL are invited to talk at the IRES (International Renewable Energy Storage) conference in March 2020 and will speak about our latest HTTES power storage system.

STORENERGY congress Offenburg


STORENERGY took place for the third time on the 12th and 13th of November 2019 at the Offenburg fair. The topics of the congress are storage technology, grid integration and the path to decentralized power production in order to use the energy sources economically.

TESS 3A up to 640 °C

Hochtemperatur-Wärmespeicher Tess 3A

Our new HTTES test stand TESS 3A was operated with temperatures of 640 °C. The charging and discharging characteristics were investigated.

Waste Heat Konferenz Kortrijk


On May 21st and 22nd, 2019 an international conference took place in Kortrijk, Belgium: 5th International Conference on Industrial Waste heat Valorization