Objective and at high-quality assessment

Project development and planning

We offer comprehensive project development and project planning services:
  • You have a CSP-power project and are looking for a significantly cheaper and more economical energy storage solution
  • You have high temperature-levels (> 250 °C) and you need a temporal decoupling of heat production and consumption within your plant
  • You have exhaust heat at a hight temperature-level and want to use it to generate electricity
  • You want to store excess electricity in a sensible, cost-effective way and use it again later as heat and/or electricity
  • You have a compressed adiabatic air storage (CAES) technology or project and are looking for a robust storage solution to cool the compressed air and use the heat later, during decompression of the air
  • You want to make quick progress with your business concept of mobile thermal storage
For these questions and further challenges, we can work out economically attractive and technically robust solutions by offering feasibility studies and engineering services.

Even if we can offer our own technical solution, we assess each case objectively. This may lead to us recommending other technical systems, other than our HTTES -technology on the basis of our studies.

We are supported by enolcon gmbh for such services.