Storage of industrial waste heat

Industrial waste heat can be stored at a high temperature-level and either be fed back into the process or used for power generation in an ORC at a later stage.

This heat can be stored at a high temperature and either returned to the process at a later point in time or used to generate electricity with an ORC.

Waste heat extraction from industrial processes

The high-temperature heat storage is particularly well suited to discontinuous, energy-intensive industrial processes, where energy efficiency can be significantly improved and the system can pay for itself within 1 - 3 years.

Waste Heat

Waste heat is removed at a temperature level between 250 and 1,030 °C via a heat exchanger or directly from the process and stored in the HTTES.

High-Temperature Thermal Energy Storage

The modular system allows storage capacities in the range of MWh to GWh with very high thermal power, so that the storage can be fully charged and discharged within a few hours.


When discharging, the thermal energy is returned to the process. If there is no heat requirement, an ORC can also be used to generate electricity, for example.