Solar Power Plants

Storage of Solar Energy

Solar energy is converted into thermal energy via concentrating solar collectors and into electrical energy in a steam process or ORC. In order to be able to continue generating electrical energy after sunset, thermal storage with a capacity of several hours is used. Previous technologies are primarily based on salt as a storage medium.

The HTTES not only has excellent storage characteristics at typical temperatures of up to 565 °C but also allows significantly higher temperatures than salt storage (over 1,000 °C) and is a much simpler technology.

Thermal storage in CSP systems

In the field of solar power plants, the HTTES impresses with its low investment costs, easy-to-use technology (without the corrosion problems of salt storage) and compact space requirements.

A part of the thermal energy from the collector system is stored in the HTTES.



The modular system allows for storage capacities in the range of MWh to GWh with very high thermal power, so that the storage can be fully charged and discharged within a few hours.


After sunset, thermal energy is fed into the existing production process via heat exchanger and electrical energy is fed into the grid.