1) At 16th March 2016 STORASOL has presented the first operational results of the STORASOL-HTTES in combination with the ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) at the worlds largest energy storage conference in Düssledorf, Germany (IRES - International Renewable Energy Storage). The presentation slides are available for download.

2) At 3rd March 2016 an energy storage symposium took place at University of Bayreuth. Several presentations of ZET/University Bayreuth, enolcon gmbh, STORASOL GmbH and Kelvion formed an interesting frame program. The participants got the opportunity to visit the energy storage system and the ORC, the energy storage system HTTES has been in operation showing impressing charging curves..

3) The ORCTES-energy storage system is collecting successfully operational data. The operation modes have been further optimized and an improvement of the air channel system has reduced the pressure loss in the pipe system by 20 mbar (!). Meanwhile electricity has been produced with the ORC-turbine during discharging of the HTTES.