Plant engineering

Hochtemperatur-Wärmespeicher ORCTES

The STORASOL GmbH not only offers the planning, but also the turnkey construction of high-temperature heat storage systems based on our own HTTES-technology.

Clearly defined framework conditions and an understandable definition of the scope of deliverables and services provide the basis for the successful realization of an energy storage system at the agreed-upon costs and time.

The expertise of STORASOL GmbH combined with the decades of experience of the STORASOL management in planning and building of complex large plants are particularly valuable when realizing large projects.

The services provided include:

  1. Planning and project management
  2. Procurement of all the necessary components for the HTTES system
  3. Installation and assembly supervision
  4. Commissioning
  5. Training of the operational staff
  6. Creation of a detailed documentation

On request, we are happy to take responsibility for the maintenance and repair of the HTTES system.

We will gladly advise you comprehensively and provide you with further information. You are welcome to contact us.

Hochtemperatur-Wärmespeicher Bau